YETI Coolers

90 Day Pawn


High End Tools

We buy and sell only the highest quality tools from major manufacturers.

We sell tools, guns, gold, diamonds and jewelry of all types.

Firearms include pistols, rifles, shotguns from most major manufacturers. We also carry ammunition for all guns or can special order.

90 Day Merchandise Hold

We offer a generous 90 day hold on all merchandise that is pawned. We are a firearms dealer and carry most major brands of guns including most  pistols, rifles, shotguns and gun optics. We carry ammunition for all firearms.  As a firearms dealer  we are able to special order rifles, pistols and shotguns directly and we are able to order ammunition of all types for any gun. We are also a direct dealer for YETI coolers and VacMaster food sealers. 
We offer the best prices on all gold and jewelry, silver coins and diamonds.  With the constant fluctuation in the price of gold and silver markets, we able to offer the highest prices for your gold, as well as, silver coins.  We also specialize in diamonds and most types of jewelry.

Call (580) 353-8775 for your next purchase on pistols, rifles, shotguns, optics, ammunition, gold, silver coins, diamonds and jewelry or to purchase an indestructible YETI cooler or VacMaster food sealer.

We offer the highest dollar amount for gold and diamonds.

We sell firearms, ammunition, magazines and optics for most major brands of pistols, rifles and shotguns. As a firearms dealer, we can special order specific AR-15 configurations directly from most major manufacturers.